PremFina empowers brokers by allowing them to maximise control over their customer relationships through providing them with their own-branded premium finance software and financing options.


PremFina's white-label premium finance software gives you:


Take total control of your own business and customers


Brand and control all your customer communications

Financing Option

Flexible financing options, including no financing required (broker uses own funds), part financing (mix of broker and PremFina financing), or full financing


With PremFina's white label software, brokers gain greater control over their business by dictating what is shared with their customers through customisable communications and making informed decisions through real time access to data.

Plug and Play

    Our solution allows you to easily and cost-effectively plug-and-play onto PremFina's platform


    Our automated system integrates seamlessly with your existing policy administration system


    It's easy to operate and comes with smart and user-friendly features to manage your finance solutions


PremFina SaaS

White-label software to manage insurance policies

PremFina Cash

White-label software to manage insurance policies


Financing to fund payment plans

Earn greater return on your cash by financing insurance policies and using our white-label software

Use our loan facility to extend financing to your customers and white-label software to offer premium finance in-house

Tailored and hybrid packages available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Pegasus Motor Car Insurance

With PremFina, we were able to set up bespoke schemes, which gave us competitive advantage needed to win customers

Bennetts Motorbike Insurance

PremFina gives us control across the entire customer life cycle, which is exactly what we needed to further add value to our customers


Excellence in Premium Finance Solutions

Corporate LiveWire’s 2016 Finance Awards

Best for Own Branded Premium Financing & Best Premium Finance Newcomer

Business Awards 2015

Finance Solutions Provider of the Year & Gamechanger of the Year

ACQ Global Awards 2015

Startup of the Year

Hot Companies and Best Products Awards 2015

Best for Generating Increased Returns for Brokers & Best In-House Premium Finance Facility

Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015

Best New Business

Best Business Awards 2015


Maximize revenue from existing client base

-It can cost up to 30 times more to win a new client than it does to retain one, meaning brokers should look at their existing client bases to see how they could add value to them  -Premium finance helps the broker’s clients manage their cashflow without encumbering any of the client’s assets or using...

How to take full control of your client relationships and maximize your profit

How insurance brokers can generate more revenue with PremFina’s premium finance solution Insurance industry is getting tougher with increasing regulation, low interest rates and fast technological changes. The above challenges make it increasingly difficult for insurance brokers to increase their profit without significantly altering the risk profile of their business. We help brokers with their...

Premium Finance the Uber Way

The arranging of premium finance can add 5% in revenue for insurance brokers. It’s icing on top of the cake for brokers selling insurance policies. Despite this, less than half the £13.2 billion in UK insurance sold via brokers is premium financed via monthly payment plans. When measured against the total £28 billion general insurance...

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